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Name of Form Download
Acceptable Use Policy PDF
CCH Verification Form PDF
Employment Recommendation Form PDF
Exhibit – PEIMS Population Code Table PDF
Exhibit – Teacher Hiring Scale PDF
Exhibit – Vendor Application Form PDF
Form – Allowability/Allocability of Costs Worksheet PDF
Form – Confidentiality and use of Information Agreement PDF
Form – Conflict of Interest Questionnaire Form CIQ PDF
Form – Conflict of Interest Questionnaire Form CIS PDF
Form – Felony Conviction Form PDF
Form – Fingerprinting, Criminal History for Contracted Services PDF
Form – IRS Form W-9 PDF
Form – Disclosure of Lobbying Activities PDF
Form – P-Card Transaction Report Excel
Form – Personnel Requisition PDF
Form – Petty Cash Voucher PDF
Form – Staff FTEs Excel
Form – Monthly Time and Effort Report PDF
Form – Time and Effort For Split Federally Funded Personnel Excel
Form – Travel Authorization & Settlement Excel
Hiring Process Check List PDF
Parent Notification PDF
Periodic Certification Form PDF
Principal Attestation PDF
Principal Attestation – Implementing Bilingual Program PDF
Procedures: Finance end of Month Reports Checklist PDF
Procedures: Adding and/or Renewing Vendor PDF
Procedures: Cash Management Procedures PDF
Procedures: Contract Management PDF
Procedures: Finance End of Month Procedures PDF
Procedures: Fixed Asset Tracking PDF
Procedures: Hiring Procedures PDF
Procedures: Staff & Student Incentive Awards PDF
Procedures: Internal Control Procedures PDF
Procedures: Purchasing PDF
Procedures: Timekeeping PDF
Procedures: Travel Checklist PDF
Procedures: Travel Guidelines, Rates & STMP PDF
Proposed Pay Scale 2015-2016 PDF
Supplemental Pay Schedule PDF
Start/End Dates 2015-2016 PDF
Summary of Employee Benefits PDF
Transfer Request PDF